1. What does MiSTIC stand for?
  2. MiSTIC stands for Minimum Spanning Trees Inferred Clustering

  3. How to cite MiSTIC?
  4. Here is the full citation : Lemieux S., Sargeant T., Laperrière D., Ismail H., Boucher G., Rozendaal M., Lavallée V-P., Ashton-Beaucage D., Wilhelm B., Hébert J., Hilton DJ., Mader S., Sauvageau G.; MiSTIC, an integrated platform for the analysis of heterogeneity in large tumour transcriptome datasets, Nucleic Acids Research, Volume 45, Issue 13, 27 July 2017, Pages e122, https://doi.org/10.1093/nar/gkx338

  5. Where to download the code MiSTIC to install a local version ?
  6. Yes, the code is openly available. The "frozen" version of the code that is associated with the paper can be found on GitHub whereas the latest version can be found on gitlab.iric.ca.

  7. Where to start ?
  8. Start on the Data page

  9. How to learn more on how to use MiSTIC ?
  10. You can watch the help video on youtube or below.
    The video will give you an idea of how you can use MiSTIC